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The explosive growth in mobile computing means the way potential customers view your website is changing, and it’s changing fast.

Many people now browse web sites using devices such as the Kindle, Sony Reader, the iPhone, other smartphones, web-enabled tablets, GPS systems, video games, wireless home appliances and TVs.

We can design your web site for optimal performance independent of the device or screen size it is being viewed on.

See how this works by resizing this window or view on your mobile phone or tablet. Consider the example below.

Comparison of phone optimised and non-optimised web sites

On the left is one of our websites optimised for any screen width. The text is readable without zooming or panning and the links (blue buttons) are easy to operate by touch. It is equally usable on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

On the right is a national website. The text is unreadable and the links too tiny to select. The page can only be read in small sections by zooming and panning. Although usable on a tablet or i-Pad the user will need to scroll both horizontally and vertically to access all the content. This is not a mobile friendly website!

With the rapid expansion of high quality small screens mobile devices coupled with 3G connections and soon broadband speed 4G, websites that do not cater for this market will lose out to those that do.

Try resizing the window

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