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Coed Dinefwr Website

Coed Dinefwr Ltd

Coed Dinefwr supply a wide range of outdoor timber products from gates and tables to bridges, board walks and architectural structures. This brochure style web site enables visitors to see the full range and diversity of their products.

First launched in 2003 and completely re-written in 2016 the site uses the very latest web technologies to give a fast and responsive user experience on any device. The website has, for some years, been the company’s major source of new business.

Written in HTML5 and CSS3 code the site enjoys high rankings in all the major search engines.

Visit Coed Dinefwr website

Petra Wood Homeopathy

Petra Wood RSHom

We have enjoyed working with Petra, regularly updating her homeopathy website for a decade, so when she came to us to produce a new modern website we pulled out all the stops.

This new site employs the latest developments in web technology – responsive design, customs fonts, SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics), “progressive enhancement” and more.

It‘s outwardly simple appearance belies advanced technologies which provide users with a focused, clean and exceptionally fast website.

Feedback from new and existing users has been excellent and led to increased interest in the practice.

Cottage Oak Website

Cottage Oak

Cottage Oak supply and fit oak flooring and doors as well as building beautiful oak-framed structures.

A key requirement of this website was that it showed off the design and craftsmanship to best effect – this meant using lots of high quality photographs.

A major challenge when designing websites that look good on any device is how to manage these images and galleries at different sizes.

By using the latest technologies and practices all the pictures on this site scale to fit the viewing device thereby doing full justice to the Rhydian’s skill and craftsmanship.

Aberdare Community School Website

Aberdare Community School

Does your web site look this good on a mobile phone?

This new super-school needed a website that not only looked professional but also provided comprehensive information about the activities, aspirations and ethos of the institution that would inspire future pupils and their parents.

Quality and breadth of information as well as ease of access regardless of the device being used are key to the success of this site which can be measured by the reduction in direct enquiries to the school administrators.

Visit Aberdare Community School website

Zacs Tipis Website

Zac’s Tipis

With over 30 years experience in making tipis the company required a website to market their product online.

A major element of the business is hiring out tipis at festivals around the country and their target clients expect to be able to access goods and services through the internet using the latest smart phones and tablets as well as traditional desktop machines.

The website is built with modern code using a “mobile-first, responsive” design so that users can find and book the services they require easily using any internet-connected device.

Special attention has been paid to speed of the site so that it performs well on low-bandwith and 3G connections.

Decorative Art

JM Decorative Art

This fully responsive website created a number of challenges, not least was to make Jo’s beautiful designs look great even on a small screen.

Using the latest technologies and techniques we were able to create images and galleries that scaled to suit all screen sizes and devices from smart phones to wide screen desktops.

When commissioning a website to impress your customers make sure it’s going to look good however it’s viewed!

Visit Jo’s Decorative Art website

Ysgol Bryn Tawe Website

Ysgol Bryn Tawe

This bilingual website, first developed in 2008, has been completely re-written to cater for visitors using mobile phones and tablets who made up over 50% of visitors last year.

Features include:

  • One click to language switch
  • Staff editable news, letters, gallery and PTA Pages
  • Full school calendar
  • “Downloadable” letters, standard forms and parent information

Fully Standards compliant and Accessible, written in HTML5 and CSS 2.1/3

Welsh School of Homeopathy

Welsh School of Homeopathy

The Welsh School of Homeopathy was established in 1995 and offers introductory, graduate and post-graduate courses as well as CPD and a teaching clinic.

The existing site did not reflect the professionalism of the school and was virtually unusable on small screen devices.

The new site offers a clean interface with clear typography and an intuitive navigation structure.

Hand-coded in modern HTML/CSS the website is fast and accessible to large and small screens as well as assistive technologies such as Braille pads and screen-readers.

Llandeilo Gym Website

Llandeilo Gym (draft)

The Gym@Llandeilo needed a website that provided existing and potential clients with all the important information they required such as classes, facilities, location, prices & opening times.

In designing this site we were aware that the majority of visitors would be using tablets or mobile phones and that speed and simplicity would provide them with the best user experience.

The result is a clean, blindingly fast site which is easy to navigate on any device.

Special care has been taken with the formatting of print output so user can obtain usable hard copies of course details and timetables.

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