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Venn diagram showing elements of usability


Usability and utility, not visual design is the main factor in determining the success or failure of a website.

Since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and therefore decides everything, user-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. If users can’t use a feature, it might as well not exist.

Usability is the process of making a website easy for customers to use. It encompasses the heuristics of the site as well as the methods that people use to manipulate the site. In simple terms a website is usable if the customers can find what they need and accomplish their goals a quickly and efficiently as possible.

Heuristics are the rules surrounding usable Web pages – basically “rules of thumb” because they are familiar and well-understood by most users.

Here are some of the ways we build our websites to improve usability:

  • Work in any browser
  • Use of familiar terms (Home, About) and conventions (indications of links and user actions)
  • Fast loading
  • Validation to web standards
  • Contact information
  • Intelligent printing (print preview these pages)
  • Automatically resize (resize your browser window to observe)
  • User control of text size
  • User control of navigation – any combination of keyboard, mouse, or other pointing devices
  • Hypertext help text (tooltips) where link meaning is not obvious

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